Professsor Ljungqvist’s book “Doping’s Nemesis” translated into russian

Oct 4, 2018

On the 28 th of September 2018, Professor Arne Ljungqvist´s book "Doping Nemesis", now translated into Russian by RUSADA (Russian Anti-Doping Agency) was launched. It was first written in Swedish, then a new version was launched in Chinese, English, French, Korean,
Arabic and now Russian.

The book was introduced by

Mr Yury Ganus, Director General of RUSADA (Russian Anti-Doping Agency). Then followed a personal video greeting to the audience from ProfessorLjungqvist himself, sharing gratitude for the translation of the book as well as sharingencouragements to RUSADA and their important work ahead.

After that it was Mr Bjorn Bertoft turn to give some remarks on the book and a short presentation of Professor Arne Ljungqvist Anti-Doping Foundation and its work for Pure Health and Clean Sports – meaning fighting intentional and unintentional doping in the society and in the world of sports - as well as screen a short version of the documentary film “The War On Doping”. At the same time RUSADA hosted an international conference with distinguished international speakers yet another step to rebuild the structure and regain the confidence from within and from the entire world of sports.Professor Ljungqvist has been around helping nations get back on track while protecting the health of the athletes and fighting for clean sports for more than 45 years. With no plans to quit.